My mentor insisted:

“Write in your notebooks what you want more than anything from another person.” He shared with us what he wrote:

I want to feel understood.

Is something bothering you?

Are you feeling anxious, down in the dumps, or out of control?

Do you want to have better relationships?

The Wisdom of Getting Unstuck

My New Book

If you want to regain control of your life and start moving forward, this book is for you! It is full of effective, time-tested, and workable techniques for setting aside the concerns that are holding you back.

My Story

I offer a new perspective to individuals and couples who feel stuck in life, utilizing a system that’s been living for thousands of years.

Let’s Talk

In a rut? Well, it’s my job to help you get unstuck.

We can speak on Zoom.

My guided process of self-discovery enables you to reach your short-term goals, while gaining the tools necessary to tackle your goals for the long run.

I very much…want to share [this book] with so many good and talented individuals who are — stuck. The “syndrome” affects virtually everyone at some point, but some are there chronically. The book is indeed filled with wisdom — common sense and beyond— and offers hope to those who seek it.

Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits

Let’s get talking.

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