The Purim Story: An Open Intervention

“Wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world” —  Robert Hunter

It’s our task to open the eyes of the world to Hashem’s doings.

Not every miracle is treated the same. Most miracles are private and quickly dissipate after they occur, but a revealed miracle changes the nature of things.

Hashem likes to save public miracles just for Israel. When He performs an open miracle, this extraordinary deed resounds to all corners of the earth. Once it’s gone viral, all people are then inspired to honor Hashem and His ways.

Our salvation was revealed in the days of Mordechai and Esther. The miracle that took place in the City of Shushan wasn’t hidden. It was a public event. To demonstrate the magnificence of this miracle, Rabbi Yochanan quotes King David as remarking, “He recalled His kindness and faithfulness to the House of Israel; all ends of the earth have seen the salvation of Hashem” (Megillah, 11a).

When Hashem’s reputation goes global, King David calls upon all the inhabitants of the earth to grab their instruments, climb upon the international stage, and to sing Hashem’s praises (Tehillim 98:4). 

According to the Maharal, miracles usually happen on the home-front. They are intimate and private. It’s also unusual for them to materialize while living under foreign rule. What takes place in the Purim story is a wild exception. Achashverosh commanded the Jews to be scattered all over the world, and to live in dispersion among the other nations. 

How did Israel’s redemption end up echoing around the world? 

A decree was slated for the Jews, a nefarious call to action. Letters were sent all over the globe encouraging people to join in the destruction, eradication, and total annihilation of the Jewish people. Hashem intervened with an open miracle and saved us. His handiwork was seen all over the world.

It’s sobering to find out that because of Hashem’s love for us, the eyes of the entire world were opened. This led to a complete turnaround of the public opinion. A new letter was distributed among the nations that called for the arrest and destruction of anyone found scheming, or raising a hand against any Jew. 

The world was rectified with this change in perspective—it was whole again. 

Although this open miracle is unique to the Purim story, we know that a similar miracle occurred in the days of Amalek. What’s the connection? Haman was issued from the seed of Amalek. Since Amalek will not stop until every last Jew is erased from the earth, Hashem’s open intervention is likened to saving Israel from the nefarious deeds of all peoples. Again: “All ends of the earth have seen the salvation of Hashem.” 

This Purim, may the realization of Hashem’s kindness and magnificent doings inspire all the inhabitants of the world to be united in joyful song.

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