World Book Day

It’s World Book Day. So, I’ve pasted my chapter on decision making for your perusal below.

— Sorry you missed it. This chapter was only posted for a few days —


Why are decisions so darn difficult to make?

We can attribute our decision making struggles to a normal case of FOMO. It’s like we’re all prophets when it comes to decision making. Just toying with the idea of making a choice unboxes the sense that once we clop down the gavel, single out an idea, and select one option over another, we’re certain to die of regret. 

That’s because our Antagonist places in our heart the overblown idea that making a decision means we’re automatically excluding all the other options. This is why we often feel like we’re losing out on something really important. All it takes is one decision, and somehow, we’ve already missed out. 

And it all happens so quickly… 

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