Let’s Talk

I’m a listener by nature. But, with a bit of information and guidance, I help my clients manage to overcome their greatest concerns.

Struggling with anxiety, depression, or impulse control? Are your relationships suffering? Do you feel like the mountain is too hard to climb?

My job is not just to help you climb, but to prepare you for what life will be like on the other side.

Let’s talk soon!

My Bio

I’m a clinical psychologist with over twenty-five years of experience in helping others navigate their relationships — with their families and with themselves. I’ve adapted my approach in order to serve clients both online and in person, as well as within the framework of the department of family and social services in the local municipality. With my special blend of mussar, chassidus, and machshavah, I utilize a soul-brewed, person-centered, Torah-driven approach to therapy. I strive to be authentic and transparent in all that I do. I assist people to discover their purpose and find value and meaning in their relationships. My guided process of self-discovery enables people to reach their immediate, short-term goals, while gaining the tools necessary to tackle their goals for the long-term.

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